Definition of focalize in English:


(also focalise)


[WITH OBJECT]technical
  • 1 Focus (something), in particular:

    • ‘One of the biggest issues in bringing down the price has been working to focalize the laser using power efficiently.’
    • ‘Its effects are importantly focalized through Breeze.’
    • ‘Counting the more weakly focalizing zoom ins would have made the margin even greater.’
    • ‘But now we are trying to focalise on our true identity.’
    1. 1.1 (in literary theory) provide an internal focus for (a text).
      • ‘As in ‘Pat and Pan,’ the story is also focalized through the child, and the child once again has the last word: ‘I never be good girl, but perhaps I be good boy’.’
      • ‘Narration may focalize events from the time at which they occurred, from shortly afterwards, or from long afterwards.’
      • ‘By focalising a narrative entirely through a character's perspective, there is no apparent mediating presence between story and narration.’
      • ‘The story is, to use a term developed by the theorists of narrative Mieke Bal and Gérard Genette, focalized through her.’
      • ‘Crucially, Crane chooses to focalize the departing train through hoboes: ‘three men, still hungry on the tracks.’’
    2. 1.2Medicine Confine (a disease or infection) to a particular site in the body.