Definition of fob watch in English:

fob watch


  • A pocket watch.

    • ‘It is worth remarking here how men in the eighteenth century, with fob watches and orders, and women, with brooches and lockets, attached objects to their breasts.’
    • ‘Their use was encouraged by the fashion of wearing suits with a badge on in the lapel, or the fob watch and chain on which the old style badges hung.’
    • ‘An old-fashioned fob watch peeps from between the folds of his loincloth.’
    • ‘The foreman, in his suit, bowler hat and gold fob watch, stands in front of a coach still under construction.’
    • ‘Called Impresario, the picture is of a smiling hippopotamus type creature - or maybe a toad - ambling down the street in a suit and a fob watch.’
    • ‘The alternative was for me to try reading the time on the nurses fob watches as they walked past which could have lead to me being escorted out early.’
    • ‘Daniel glanced at his fob watch, tapping his fingers restlessly against his thigh.’
    • ‘Putting down his pen, Louis straightened up and glanced at his fob watch.’
    timepiece, chronometer, small clock, timer
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