Definition of flywire in English:



mass nounNZ, Australian
  • Fine wire mesh designed to keep out flying insects.

    ‘mosquitoes, combined with a shortage of flywire, upset the new arrivals’
    • ‘In a camp situation, any flywire-enclosed area was likely to be damaged in no time at all.’
    • ‘A heavy object leaned against the door's flywire, forcing it outwards.’
    • ‘When I've smoked my cigarette I stub it on the flywire screen.’
    • ‘Seed was placed in the forest in flywire envelopes from January to April.’
    • ‘I heard the dull thud of two feet coming over the wall, then the rattle of the flywire opening.’
    • ‘The dining rooms and the toilets were without flywire to protect them from flies.’
    • ‘On the other side of the flywire there was something human in size and shape.’
    • ‘She peers at me through the flywire.’
    • ‘The bird disappeared through a gap in a flywire screen and flapped away.’
    • ‘We reduced the main fire risk by covering ember entry points with metal flywire.’


Early 19th century: from fly + wire.