Definition of flyover in English:



  • 1British A bridge carrying one railway line or road over another.

    • ‘The kidnappers instructed Lu's mother to bring the money to a location beneath a highway flyover.’
    • ‘The MSRDC bonds were issued in order to fund the Mumbai-Pune expressway, the Mumbai flyover and railway overbridges in Maharashtra.’
    • ‘She was back again at a crowded flyover bridge on the railways.’
    • ‘Going under bridges and flyovers is the worst: they traverse the parapets with a gaunt expectation and I begin to see everything in hyper-real detail.’
    • ‘With the city having close to 20 lakh vehicles on the roads, flyovers and underpasses have become a must if traffic is to flow smoothly.’
    • ‘Even flyovers and ring roads have not helped because of the lack of lane discipline by most vehicles.’
    • ‘He cited the proposed traffic flyovers contested by some residents, the proposed Duval County Courthouse whose costs are in debate and the decision whether and where to build a larger convention center.’
    • ‘Mr Percival argued at the inquiry for an access road to the flyover to be realigned, taking it further away from his property, Springfield House, and allowing the horse-breeding to continue.’
    • ‘Roads and bridges in the city, overbridges and flyovers around the city, sky bus and roundabouts all over the suburbs were spoken of in a great hurry.’
    • ‘Work to improve the northern stretch of the A1237 outer ring road could include flyovers, with money allocated from April to look at options for improving the road, council leader Dave Merrett said.’
    • ‘This includes roads, flyovers, road overbridges/underbridges and subways.’
    • ‘Bangalore city news of late is dominated by roads, one-ways, flyovers, Metro rail and international airport.’
    • ‘Constructing a flyover from Domlur entrance to Airport is one of the solutions to ease the congestion.’
    • ‘We should design a new system of roads with flyovers or underpasses, meant only for buses or other heavy vehicles.’
    • ‘ELECTRIFYING AND doubling the existing railway lines, building flyovers and subways in strategic locations, and wider roads could be a better solution.’
    • ‘Changes would include lowering tracks so new larger containers could get under bridges and flyovers.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, plans were being finalised yesterday for the placing of massive 90-tonne beams to carry a flyover over the Kinsale Road roundabout.’
    • ‘Apart from 19 roads shortlisted for upgrades, the meeting also discussed flyovers, peripheral ring roads and traffic decongestion.’
    • ‘These days, to arrive at a place on the right involves turning left, traversing various roundabouts, flyovers and slip roads, and if you take a wrong turning you find yourself driving miles back the way you came.’
    • ‘Mivan spent most of the 1980s in Iraq building flyovers, apartments, power stations and an airport.’
    viaduct, aqueduct, overpass
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  • 2North American A low flight by one or more aircraft over a specific location.

    • ‘Although Mr Boynes would love to be part of the flyover, he considers his attendance on the ground just as important.’
    • ‘The solution they have gone for is flyovers that promise only to sweep Delhi's traffic problems from one area to another.’
    • ‘We've done a number of flyovers with helicopters and will continue to do that.’
    • ‘During a flyover of the park last year, McClure witnessed a number of bison carcasses lying in overgrazed fields.’
    • ‘Santa had also done a flyover in the Rescure helicopter.’
    • ‘The lab was underground so flyovers haven't shown anything.’
    • ‘I lived next to a U.S. Air Force base in north Georgia for two years and have seen many night flyovers with afterburners.’
    • ‘An American reconnaissance plane veers off course during a flyover and is shot down because its crew sees something they aren't intended to see.’
    • ‘Did the daily surveillance plane flyovers spot it?’
    • ‘Our commanding officer coordinated a flyover of the ship for us so the LSOs could shine a beacon on our nose gear and determine its condition.’
    • ‘We could do a flyover of the island with a shuttle, hoping the Curie's crew has someone looking out for rescue craft to signal.’
    • ‘As Senator Mary Landrieu's helicopter was taking off for a flyover of the devastation, she watched as a group of people smashed a window at a gas station store and jumped in.’
    • ‘The flyovers occur twice a year, before and after the summer rainy season.’
    • ‘A man in a blue FEMA windbreaker arrived to brief them on his helicopter flyover of the city.’
    • ‘After the pair spotted a heavy weapon in a village during a flyover in a military helicopter, Smith carried back the coordinates to a Marine commander so the weapon could be destroyed.’
    • ‘A full surround mix would have been nice, as there are a couple of 747 flyovers that, while sounding impressive in stereo, would probably tear off the roof in 5.1.’
    1. 2.1
      another term for fly-past
      • ‘Saturday's memorial featured a flyover by World War II airplanes, music, speeches and a wreath presentation.’
      • ‘Stealth bombers were reported to be in the air at one point, but were re-routed to do a flyover at the Rose Bowl game, which received a wonderful ovation.’
      • ‘For naval aircraft enthusiasts, four of the five Corsairs at Duxford got into the air for formation flyovers and individual passes.’
      • ‘Erica swerved the car round a corner before stopping at the side of a flyover.’
      • ‘The military will be providing traditions, such as a 21-gun salute and a flyover of FA - 18 aircraft.’
  • 3US derogatory, informal as modifier Denoting central regions of the US regarded as less significant than the East or West coasts.

    ‘his appeal extends way beyond the Bible Belt and the flyover states’