Definition of flying squirrel in English:

flying squirrel


  • A small squirrel that has skin joining the fore- and hindlimbs for gliding from tree to tree.

    Subfamily Pteromyinae, family Sciuridae (many species in SE Asia, northern Eurasia, and North America), and family Anomaluridae (several species in Africa; see also scaly-tailed squirrel)

    • ‘Everything from saber-toothed carnivores and wolves to flying squirrels and anteaters were produced independently.’
    • ‘Besides working on lorises, she has studied ruffed lemurs, flying squirrels, opossums, civets, and several species of bats.’
    • ‘There are three basic body forms in squirrels: tree squirrels, ground squirrels and flying squirrels.’
    • ‘An artist's impression illustrates feathered wings, which researchers believe the dinosaur used to glide from tree to tree, much like flying squirrels do today.’
    • ‘Capture success (percentage of traps containing squirrels) across the study was highly seasonal for both flying squirrels and red squirrels.’


flying squirrel