Definition of flying picket in English:

flying picket


  • A person who, with others, travels to picket any workplace where there is an industrial dispute.

    • ‘The 1980 reforms were radical, the direct effect of widespread public disquiet about secondary or flying pickets who moved about the country from factory to factory.’
    • ‘We make it clear that there will be no return to flying pickets, secondary action, strikes with no ballots or the trade union law of the 1970s.’
    • ‘That resentment escalated when flying pickets descended on Nottinghamshire pits which continued to produce coal on a point of principle.’
    • ‘But when flying pickets from Rotherham's Silverwood pit arrived on the Monday morning, not one miner crossed the line.’
    • ‘His father, a miner at Bettws colliery, became a member of an elite squad of flying pickets in 1984.’
    • ‘When he directed a thousand flying pickets on Tuesday, he avoided blaming the firm directly for farmers' problems.’
    • ‘Also, I can remember being stopped on the way to football games and our van searched for flying pickets.’
    • ‘Mass pickets and flying pickets closed down pits across the country.’
    • ‘The school students worked hard to get a strike on the day war broke out and sent out flying pickets to get 600 out.’
    • ‘Those were days of riots and flying pickets, of bricks and baton charges.’
    • ‘Strikes and flying pickets, mostly entirely unofficial, led to general strikes, defied the law, got dockers out of jail, put out the lights and brought down governments.’
    • ‘Well, I am not the sort of person to encourage illegal activity, but in the face of such wilful neglect and destructiveness, flying pickets would not seem out of place.’
    • ‘One of the most remarkable examples of solidarity was when an NUM banner, draped across an overhead railway bridge by two flying pickets, caused the drivers of a goods train of oil tankers to stop in their tracks and refuse to cross.’
    • ‘The Miners' Strike follows five flying pickets through their year of living dangerously.’
    • ‘In practice, the mass and/or flying picket became the key tactical weapon that was to prove devastatingly effective, often in defiance of the national union leadership.’
    • ‘Building workers staged strikes in support of 24 colleagues put on trial for their part in strike action the previous year involving flying pickets.’
    • ‘At his request he spent most of the strike in the mill town, working unpaid hours to cover for colleagues who were sent to the coalfields, on overtime, to deter Arthur Scargill's flying pickets.’
    • ‘During the dispute a small group of rank and file activists in North Wales, including Des and Ricky, used the tactic of the ‘flying picket’ to bring sites out on strike.’
    • ‘In spite of these events, there were few arrests and a mostly minimal police presence at Ellerbeck, aside from the occasional ‘push’ with the police when larger numbers of flying pickets turned up for short periods.’
    • ‘And then we launched flying pickets into Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire…’
    striker, demonstrator, protester, objector, picketer
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flying picket