Definition of flying machine in English:

flying machine


  • An aircraft, especially an early or unconventional one.

    ‘he had experimented with flying machines as early as 1893’
    • ‘Of special interest to aeronautical students was the section on experimental aircraft, displaying flying machines with unconventional shapes and unusual designs.’
    • ‘A very few were successful while others turned out one or two flying machines before fading into the obscurity of time.’
    • ‘He restores what are sometimes just fragments of aircraft into flying machines again, painted in the colours and insignia that they bore when they were lost in action over 60 years ago.’
    • ‘George Berryman, 80, of South Australia, spent more than 15 years putting together his magnificent collection of flying machines.’
    • ‘This, however, is true of most of the rag-and-tube low-buck flying machines.’
    • ‘He enlisted as a soldier but was soon captivated by the early flying machines.’
    • ‘Owner of a chain of car dealerships, Tom has always had a love for vintage and veteran flying machines - for example, he acquired his P - 51D in 1969.’
    • ‘A refueling boom extended to about 20 feet is all that separates the two huge flying machines during such a refueling mission with a C - 5 just behind and below the tail of the tanker.’
    • ‘In 1894, he published a group of papers that described the work of others to build various types of flying machines from ancient times to the present.’
    • ‘With the help of NASA educators, school groups will have the chance to build their own flying machines, including helicopters, kites, rockets and airplanes.’
    • ‘Engineers spent over one hundred years of intense research designing the first aeroplane because a flying machine could not be evolved from any land machine.’
    • ‘In 1908, the Wrights finally went public with their flying machine.’
    • ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but one of the strangest appearing flying machines was the Supermarine NightHawk.’
    • ‘I've always been fascinated by the sensuous curves and intriguing angles of flying machines.’
    • ‘Also featured was a huge display of models of around 80 different aircraft types, all representing flying machines associated with Wroughton Airfield during its RAF years from 1941 to 1972.’
    • ‘But, I do know one thing: He likes flying machines.’
    • ‘They also provided the means of building factories you could use to turn out flying machines, airships and planes to help overcome the monsters, rivals and other enemies on your quest.’
    • ‘Hang gliders are quite sophisticated flying machines with all kinds of built in stability and strength which has taken years of development to reach.’
    • ‘Aerial defense of the Philippines depended on a rather motley bag of flying machines totaling 162 aircraft.’
    • ‘They include flying machines such as the helicopter, submarines, bicycles and military tanks.’
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flying machine