Definition of flying jacket in English:

flying jacket

(North American flight jacket)


  • A short jacket similar to a bomber jacket, typically of leather and with a warm lining or collar and several pockets.

    • ‘Some members of the group had them sewn on their flight jackets or flying suits.’
    • ‘He folded up the map and slipped it into the inside pocket of the flight jacket.’
    • ‘Add pyjamas, sweater, serge uniform, flying boots, scarf, flying jacket, helmet and goggles, harness and parachute and it becomes a tight fit.’
    • ‘They think they are the last living people in Britain until one day Van Zan (Matthew McConaughey) turns up with a convoy of tanks and a helicopter, piloted by Alex, a blonde model in a flying jacket.’
    • ‘He opened her closet, collected his flight jacket, and strolled back to his car.’
    • ‘He wears a leather flight jacket and worn jeans along with his gear.’
    • ‘To guard against the low temperatures at these altitudes, cadets wore heavy flight jackets and trousers.’
    • ‘The seating is arranged one-behind-the-other which makes me think that perhaps a leather flight jacket and aviator shades may have been more appropriate attire than jeans and T-shirt.’
    • ‘And yesterday her diminutive flying jacket went on display at Wilberforce House Museum in Hull, for the first time since the pioneering aviator died in 1941.’
    • ‘Sebastian, in the meantime, had gone down in a blur of fists and flying jacket.’
    • ‘The opening shock dislodged my escape pack from the pocket inside my flight jacket.’
    • ‘For those who love roaring around on motorbikes, the most popular items these days are leather flight jackets and motorcycle jackets, to say nothing of the full-zip, reversible jackets.’
    • ‘He said something, trying to be polite, no doubt, but I was busy adjusting things that needed to be adjusted in various inner pockets of my leather flight jacket, and listening to more howling from outside.’
    • ‘It was a young officer, tall, good looking, with a full set of wings on his tunic and wearing a flying jacket over the top.’
    • ‘Hollywood has fallen in love with Belstaff, too: the designs have appeared in more than 30 movies, including The Aviator (Leonardo DiCaprio's flying jackets) and The Interpreter (Nicole Kidman's satchel).’
    • ‘The crew donned WWII surplus leather and fleece-lined flight jackets, pants, and boots.’
    • ‘He arrived for our interview in a dark blue Air Force One flight jacket.’
    • ‘Mr Hunter was distinctively dressed in a tan leather fur-lined flying jacket and investigators are sure a taxi driver would remember the fare.’
    • ‘Frozen in time alongside the victims were poignant reminders of young lives cut short: A flying jacket, a toothbrush, a birthday watch.’
    • ‘The politician in his dark-blue suit and pink tie and the rock star in leather flying jacket and wraparound sunglasses hug one another as enthusiastically as long-lost cousins.’


flying jacket