Definition of flying fox in English:

flying fox


  • 1A large fruit bat with a foxlike face, found in Madagascar, SE Asia, and northern Australia.

    Pteropus and two other genera, family Pteropodidae: numerous species

    • ‘A few years later, he decided to become a full-time nature photographer; his subjects have included orangutans in Borneo, capybaras in Brazil, and flying foxes in Australia.’
    • ‘All flying foxes are fruit bats, but not all fruit bats are flying foxes.’
    • ‘The Megachiroptera includes the so-called fruitbats and flying foxes of the tropical forests of India, Africa, Asia, and Australia.’
    • ‘The Megachiroptera, or fruitbats and flying foxes, navigate largely by sight and have large, forward-facing eyes that can see in very dim light, as you can see on the skeleton of a fruitbat pictured above.’
    • ‘Megabats, commonly known in Australia as flying foxes, weigh in at two pounds (one kilogram) and can have wingspans of up to six feet (two meters).’
  • 2NZ Australian An overhead cable and apparatus for transporting materials over difficult terrain.

    • ‘The accompanying parade, some suspended from flying foxes, formed a subtly changing tableau.’
    • ‘With a bit of luck one of Simon's team will take the only sane option and grease the handle of the flying fox just before he gets on.’
    • ‘The entrance at the north end on West Street has ample parking, a children's play area, a skate board park and a flying fox.’
    • ‘Instead of taking part in the fun and games of rigging a flying fox, I was roped into sorting out the cage of ropes and other vertical gear (ropes, harnesses, carabiners, etc.).’
    • ‘This year will see the introduction of the flying fox, a 100 metre glide across the grounds by the Boy Scouts.’
    • ‘We had a wire cable across the river with a flying fox on it.’
    • ‘She remembers travelling across the river on the flying fox set up by the bridge workers to transport people and materials across the water.’
    • ‘The yard is kitted out with self-constructed buildings, ducks, an old car, chooks, a flying fox, a rope swing, a fire pit for cook-ups from the vegie patch, and heaps of colourful painting.’
    • ‘The flying fox, organised by the Scouts, was the main attraction for all the daredevils on the day.’
    • ‘For two years during the war no wool had been taken out so the Rehabilitation Board organised a flying fox which was used to transport wool and people.’


flying fox