Definition of flying doctor in English:

flying doctor


  • (in Australia) a doctor who uses radio communication and travels by aircraft to visit patients in remote areas of the country.

    • ‘During the past year the flying doctors have responded to treat patients who have been left with multiple injuries in car and boat accidents.’
    • ‘The Red Cross Air Mercy Service is looking at launching a new air ambulance and flying doctor service in the Eastern Cape.’
    • ‘Originally an idea for a film script, The Doctor, out in paperback this month, is essentially a love story built around the trials and tribulations of a flying doctor.’
    • ‘It was leading edge in Canada and it included a team of flying doctors who traveled with the aircraft, making pickups throughout the province, bringing the patients to the tertiary care centers in Winnipeg.’
    • ‘A flying doctor from Kenya remarked to me that over the years as local tribesmen became more civilised he more often saw arthritis of hips and knees.’
    • ‘Raising one million dollars for the flying doctors sounds like a big challenge, but a group of 330 people plan to do it in one week and have a lot of fun in the process.’
    • ‘Wiltshire flying doctors will be holding a presentation in Rodbourne Cheney tonight.’
    • ‘Anne Wakatama is Chief Medical Officer with the flying doctor service.’
    • ‘With her dentistry she has worked in St Helena in the Atlantic and in Australia with the flying doctors.’
    • ‘He now does the flying doctor service all throughout Queensland, based in Mount Isa.’
    • ‘He signalled his wife to take the boy back to the shore because it was clear nothing could be done and Mr Massender was certified dead at the scene by Scarborough's flying doctor Nick Morton.’


flying doctor