Definition of flying disc in English:

flying disc

(also flying disk)


  • A concave plastic disc designed for skimming through the air as an outdoor game or amusement.

    ‘rotating your upper body to throw the flying disc helps to improve the flexibility of your spine’
    • ‘I caught the flying disk in midair with my free hand.’
    • ‘Wind is always a factor with the flying disk.’
    • ‘After your child completes his or her goals they will receive a free flying disc.’
    • ‘If anyone feels like helping, watching or laughing at my incompetence with the flying disc, then please come along.’
    • ‘Individual players throw a flying disc into a basket or at a target.’
    • ‘The remote-control machines have to put flying discs into a goal to score points.’
    • ‘The modern concept of a recreational flying disc dates back to the 1930s.’
    • ‘They were playing catch with flying disks.’
    • ‘A popular way to exercise dogs is by throwing a flying disk for them to chase and catch.’
    • ‘Why are border collies better at catching a flying disk than humans?’