Definition of flyback in English:



mass noun
  • The return of the scanning spot in a cathode ray tube to the starting point.

    • ‘I assume that they look out for things like the flyback of the electron beam to sync their detections.’
    • ‘If you did not do anything with the flyback, gradually the internal capacitance will become shorted and you will need to refurbish the flyback.’
    • ‘This is a big no-no, since the chopped wave put out by a dimmer can cause a fluorescent ballast to emit big flyback voltages and spikes, which then travel through a building's wiring, causing other mischief.’
    • ‘Spacing at the half-wavelength level would allow large-angle beam steering without creating this detrimental flyback effect.’
    • ‘The STV8179F meets the need in large-size, reduced-depth CRT monitors for high output-current levels and flyback voltages, coupled with low heat dissipation.’
    fly back, recoil
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