Definition of fly swatter in English:

fly swatter

(also fly swat)


  • An implement used for swatting insects.

    • ‘Katie stood up, smacking Stewart with a fly swatter.’
    • ‘I saw a few people jogging around the campsite with fly swatters around them.’
    • ‘While resting, they can be easily eliminated with a fly swatter.’
    • ‘She ran past them waving the fly swatter in hot pursuit into the backyard.’
    • ‘Arm yourselves with a fly swat and batten down the hatches for the war against germs.’
    • ‘The ordinary fly swatter was originally made of horsehair, now of appropriately ubiquitous plastic.’
    • ‘A woman walks into the kitchen to find her husband stalking around with a fly swatter.’
    • ‘We may as well be standing by a beehive with a fly swatter; our purpose has become pointless.’
    • ‘Suddenly, out of some unknown impulse, Orephis grabbed the nearest thing - a fly swatter - and brandished it threateningly.’
    • ‘He wished for a swatter, one of those red-handled, plastic fly swatters with the silly square-mesh paddles attached to the end.’
    • ‘He muttered, ‘Someone else I want to squash with my fly swatter.’’
    • ‘He charged with all the grace of an artist welding a fly swatter.’
    • ‘On the way back in I bumped into the beautiful Moni, who was swinging a paper bag like a fly swatter having indulged in a bit of retail therapy.’
    • ‘I dropped the fly swatter, which fell very near to my own head.’
    • ‘Each elephant then held the branch by its base and used it as a fly swatter, slapping at flies on its flanks.’
    • ‘I thought I had a fly swatter in the cupboard, but I didn't.’
    • ‘However, they did not use residential pesticides; they used a fly swatter.’
    • ‘They then began to beat wild and arcane rhythms on their knives and fly swatters.’
    • ‘Another tried-and-true method is the fly swatter.’
    • ‘Mr. Hands pushes Mr. Bill to a cheaper place in another spot where he gets smacked by a fly swatter and a stowaway bed.’