Definition of fly fishing in English:

fly fishing


mass noun
  • The sport of fishing using a rod and an artificial fly as bait.

    • ‘If you're into saltwater fly-fishing, then add in a 9-10 weight fly outfit and carry weight forward floating and fast sinking lines with plenty of backing capacity.’
    • ‘This form of fly-fishing was uncovered when the Czech fishing team joined the international competition scene and baffled the opposition when they won everything in sight with their unconventional approach.’
    • ‘Hats, of course, were a key element in defining a fisherperson's on-stream image, imparting a quality of costumed playacting to the sport of fly-fishing.’
    • ‘When they talk of fish there they mean salmon and when they talk of fishing they mean fly-fishing.’
    • ‘Half of the charm in fly-fishing for salmon is in the method.’
    • ‘A growing band of Scottish anglers are pioneering the challenging sport of fly-fishing for pike, that most vicious tyrant of our inland waters.’
    • ‘Iceland is one of the world's top fly-fishing destinations, and fly-fishing in Iceland is famously a test of skill, nous, patience and determination.’
    • ‘Bass are, to many anglers here, the be-all and end-all of the American freshwater fishing scene - apart from fly-fishing for trout and salmon of course.’
    • ‘In regions where trout are indigenous, the sport of fly-fishing is big business as a sporting activity and a tourist attraction.’
    • ‘I'm no expert on big game fishing or fly-fishing for salt water fish, or fishing off the Kenya coast, but if you think that I can provide any information please don't hesitate to contact me.’
    • ‘While making the movie, Neeson developed a passion for fly-fishing and collecting vintage fishing rods.’
    • ‘Our weekend retreats focus on wellness and incorporate counseling, educational services and the sport of fly-fishing to promote mental and physical healing.’
    • ‘We liberate the sport of fly-fishing and take you back to the clean and simple basics.’
    • ‘In the past decade, the sport of fly-fishing has changed beyond recognition.’
    • ‘Heavy caddis and mayfly hatches allow for spectacular dry fly-fishing.’
    • ‘Get a copy for that pal of yours who is thinking of taking up fly-fishing, and you'll flog him your old rod the day after.’
    • ‘Cost for the informal introduction to fly-fishing is $20 per person, and reservations are required.’
    • ‘Apart from the ones trolling ‘brickeen’ and spoon baits, few were fly-fishing.’
    • ‘However, for the sort of fly-fishing that I was doing, although a big boat is much more comfortable, and if you work it out on an hourly basis, not much more expensive, it is not always ideal.’
    • ‘It probably is the most technical way of fishing, next to fly-fishing, and one needs to persevere with it and not give up when the first outing produces nothing.’