Definition of fly at in English:

fly at

phrasal verb

  • 1Attack verbally or physically.

    ‘Robbie flew at him, fists clenched’
    • ‘Malcolm hadn't moved an inch, even as I'd been flying at him.’
    • ‘She flew at one of the attackers.’
    • ‘But springing back up, the teen didn't even miss a beat before he was flying at Greg again, fist raised for the attack.’
    • ‘She is locked up after flying at John Reed who beat her.’
    • ‘She flew at her father, beating him.’
    • ‘Diana's eyes popped open and in a mindless rage she flew at him, beating her fists on everything she could reach.’
    • ‘Before I can even think about it, I fly at him, with the express purpose of attacking him and leaving him nothing less than a non-breathing entity.’
    attack, assault, make an assault on, launch an attack on, pounce on, set upon, set about, launch oneself at, weigh into, let fly at, turn on, round on, lash out at, hit out at, strike out at, beset, belabour, fall on, accost, mug, charge, rush, storm
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  • 2(of a hawk) pursue and attack, or habitually pursue (prey).

    • ‘Suddenly the hawk flies at something a long way off. It's a squirrel running on the ground.’
    • ‘He compared the actions of parliament to a hawk flying at a covey of partridge.’
    1. 2.1fly a hawk at Send a hawk to pursue and attack (prey).
      • ‘The Emperor himself living in a wooden house, his exercise only flying a hawk at pigeons.’
      • ‘I love better to fly a hawk at a heron, or to crush a cup with a friend, than. listen to their droning chants and their dull sermons.’
      • ‘Training and flying a hawk at prey species is what falconry is all about.’
      • ‘For a time I flew a hawk at ducks on certain small ponds about a quarter hour's drive from my laboratory.’
      • ‘He let fly a hawk at some game.’