Definition of fly ash in English:

fly ash


mass noun
  • Ash produced in small dark flecks by the burning of powdered coal or other materials and carried into the air.

    • ‘It's sustainable because the materials that go into it, other than cement and admixtures, are locally produced, and we can incorporate recycled materials, like fly ash and slag, into concrete.’
    • ‘The concrete contains 50 percent fly ash in the cement to reduce the use of carbon-dioxide-producing Portland cement.’
    • ‘Finishability is improved by adding other cementitious materials, such as fly ash.’
    • ‘Mrs Livingstone said despite up-to-date technology, incinerators produced large amounts of particulates as would lorries taking bottom ash and fly ash from the proposed Belvedere incinerator.’
    • ‘Recycling remains the Number 1 priority and in the Netherlands 79% of waste from clothing to paper, glass, food waste, bottom ash and fly ash is recycled.’
    • ‘For instance, fly ash has replaced cement in a huge way in the rest of the globe.’
    • ‘Some contractors rework soft spots in the subgrade material, mixing quicklime (hydrated lime) or fly ash into the material to help dry it out or bind it together.’
    • ‘One member created an alternative cement for the concrete floor of our sauna, using fly ash (from coal burning plants, not waste dumps!), citric acid, lye, and borax.’
    • ‘The concrete used for the floor slabs contains 15 to 25 percent fly ash, a waste material from coal-burning power plants.’
    • ‘For rigid pavement construction in a large scale, part replacement of cement by dry fly ash is found acceptable.’
    • ‘He also found a method to make slabs using fly ash, another waste material generated by thermal power generation plants.’
    • ‘Thirdly, reduce the clinker content in cement, by intergrinding cementious material like slag, fly ash, or limestone.’
    • ‘The brick specimens are moulded by combining the black cotton soil and fly ash in different proportions, and baked after being dried.’
    • ‘The fly ash is the material that differentiates ACC from AAC.’
    • ‘Environmental campaigners are celebrating a victory after a decision yesterday to stop the dumping of incinerator fly ash containing potential lethal substances on Red Moss Tip in Horwich.’
    • ‘There are viable alternatives for sand such as fly ash and M-sand.’
    • ‘Frequently concrete mix designs include recycled materials, such as fly ash or recycled aggregate.’
    • ‘Embedded in the concrete floors (made of 45 percent recycled fly ash, the waste material from burned coal), the heating system warms up the flooring.’
    • ‘The chemical characteristics of fly ash depend on the source of the coal.’
    • ‘Comprised primarily of soot, sulfates, nitrates, fly ash, and organic particles, aerosols both absorb significant amounts of light and scatter sunlight back into the atmosphere.’