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  • 1A flight past a point, especially the close approach of a spacecraft to a planet or moon for observation.

    • ‘The spacecraft made a fly-by of Jupiter in order to pick up speed by getting a gravitational ‘kick’ from the planet.’
    • ‘In a risky fly-by maneuver, the Deep Space 1 spacecraft successfully navigated past a comet, giving researchers an unprecedented view inside the glowing core of icy dust and gas.’
    • ‘With each close fly-by of a planet, it receives an energy boost because of the planet's gravitational pull.’
    • ‘When Europe's comet-chasing spacecraft Rosetta swings by Earth on 4 March 2005, it will perform the closest fly-by of our home planet ever conducted by ESA.’
    • ‘The fly-by spacecraft will observe the effects of the collision.’
    • ‘The puzzle is that this is about six minutes, or one percent, longer than the rotational period measured by the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft during their fly-bys of the 1980s.’
    • ‘There were 44 close fly-by passes of Titan, 8 more of smaller moons, and between 50 and 100 more distant passes of these other moons.’
    • ‘Vims made its observations during the close fly-by of Phoebe by Cassini-Huygens on 11 June 2004.’
    • ‘Deep Space 1 made history during its close fly-by of Comet Borrelly in September 2001, when it returned the clearest images and best scientific data ever gathered about a comet.’
    • ‘Only one space probe has visited Mercury, Mariner 10, which made three fly-bys of the planet in 1974 and 1975.’
    • ‘The controllers instructed Flight 1101 to make a fly-by past the Piarco airport control tower so that they could visually confirm whether the landing gear was down or not.’
    • ‘This is the first of four planet fly-bys (three times with Earth, once with Mars) that Rosetta will carry out in its long journey to its target, Comet 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko.’
    • ‘Having seen the data from the close fly-by in late October, we know almost even less than before.’
    • ‘During its close fly-bys of the ring system, instruments on Cassini have been able to determine that the environment around the rings is like an atmosphere, composed principally of molecular oxygen.’
    • ‘The two close fly-bys of Saturn's moon Enceladus by the NASA / ESA / ASI Cassini spacecraft have revealed that it has a significant atmosphere.’
    • ‘The payloads will comprise technical equipment to monitor the Moon during the fly-by, planned in three-four years.’
    • ‘In 1986, ESA's Giotto spacecraft performed the closest comet fly-by ever achieved by any spacecraft (at a distance of 600 kilometres from Halley).’
    • ‘Images collected during the Cassini-Huygens close fly-by of Saturn's moon Phoebe give strong evidence that the tiny moon may be rich in ice and covered by a thin layer of darker material.’
    • ‘We've got three close fly-bys later in the year.’
    • ‘The second half - the fly-by spacecraft - will maneuver out of harm's way and slow its speed so that at impact it will have a prime, but relatively safe, viewing position to the side and front of the comet.’
    go quickly, fly by, fly past, pass swiftly, slip past, rush past
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    1. 1.1
      another term for fly-past
      • ‘In addition to solo and formation fly-bys, action will include acrobatic demonstrations, military re-enactments and both Air Force Heritage Flight and Navy Tailhook Legacy routines.’
      • ‘Viewing the fly-by from the staging area was Col. Randall G. Falcon, 482nd Fighter Wing commander.’
      • ‘However, the highlight each day was the ‘Airpower Display’ where we were able to put up 24 Warbirds (no trainers) for a spectacular fly-by.’
      • ‘Having flown directly from Basra, the C17 plane that brought them had performed a fly-by in front of the base's terminal before touching down.’
      • ‘Dale Snodgrass would thrill the spectators with his ultra-low Corsair aerobatics while numerous Warbird and Corsair fly-bys honored the men, women, and aircraft of the Second World War.’
      • ‘Calmly curious, they cruise right up to us before passing gently overhead, circling back for a series of fly-bys.’
      • ‘After the fly-by, the group recovered at Brown Field on the Mexican border for a reception and debriefing.’
      • ‘Since this was not a formal airshow, pilots took off and made fly-bys when they felt in the mood so a variety of aircraft were usually airborne.’
      • ‘After a beautiful fly-by at Monroe Airport and a silky smooth final touch and go at Barksdale, it was time to land and taxi back to the 93rd Bomb Squadron area.’
      • ‘The most important is how Duxford, at the end of each show, launches all the Warbirds for a massive fly-by to let spectators savor the sights and sounds of such a dramatic event.’
      • ‘The aircraft was taking part in an eleven Spitfire fly-by when smoke issued from the Merlin powerplant.’
      • ‘The flight to Fresno took 1.25 hours and when we got near the airport the photo work was over and everyone was once again in formation for a massed fly-by with landing lights on.’
      • ‘I could see hundreds of people on the deck and around the carrier and certainly hoped they enjoyed the fly-by.’
      • ‘One B - 25 broke down on start up and the crew reluctantly had to shut down while another B - 25 in the fly-by had a mechanical and had to land early.’
      • ‘When the B - 1 and B - 2 end their service, B - 52s will do the fly-by at their retirement ceremony.’
      • ‘At the 1999 Oshkosh show, a tragic accident marred the flying display when a ground collision occurred between aircraft taking off for fly-by display.’
      • ‘An AP - 3C Orion conducted two fly-bys, to the delight of the crowd of dignitaries, Service members and invited guests.’
      • ‘There was everything from WWI aircraft cavorting through the sky to the massed roar of the mighty Polikarpovs to the Breitlings to individual and massed Warbird fly-bys and aerobatics.’