Definition of fluvial in English:



  • Of or found in a river:

    ‘fluvial processes’
    ‘fluvial deposits’
    • ‘These units are conformably overlain by fluvial and lacustrine volcaniclastic deposits, tuffs and hyaloclastites.’
    • ‘Glacial, periglacial, fluvial, and mass-movement processes dominate in mountain environments.’
    • ‘As the basin filled, or the rate of subsidence relative to the influx of material lessened, subaerial fluvial deposits were emplaced.’
    • ‘It has been suggested that fluvial and lacustrine source rocks were locally deposited in grabens created along the transtensional edges of these rotating microcontinental blocks.’
    • ‘The first cycle initiated in the early Paleocene and represents a transition from Cretaceous marine turbidites and shales to subaerial fluvial sandstones and conglomerates.’


Middle English: from Latin fluvialis, from fluvius river, from fluere to flow.