Definition of fluty in English:


(also flutey)


  • Reminiscent of the sound of a flute.

    ‘a drawn-out fluty whistle’
    • ‘A lot of these tracks get awfully bubbly and flutey.’
    • ‘Harsh ‘chack, chack’ alarm calls and the fluty wild song are features of lonely and remote places.’
    • ‘Oddest of all though, she speaks in an accent I've rarely heard her use - her own, a precise, flutey Scots brogue.’
    • ‘A flute just always sounds flutey, no matter how exquisitely it is phrased, or how cleverly the flautist manages the dynamics.’
    • ‘He was a weird light-entertainment act in a studied costume, with a fluty, fruity delivery.’
    • ‘A fluty giggle came from the thing that had attached itself to his back.’
    • ‘Also the competition (as it's not all that hard to play)'s prodigious, even at youth orchestra level, so, in addition to playing something which almost often simply sounds flutey, it's very hard to get anywhere.’
    • ‘Mitchell's voice has been transformed by age and cigarettes from the flutey, jittery soprano of her youth, to a weary, grainy alto.’
    • ‘Its been gone for about four days now since those two late nights, and makes the occasional cameo appearance as some sort of flutey, reedy, multi-tonal effort reminiscent of The Diva.’
    • ‘He veers effortlessly between that ripped-up-Lennon growl and the sweet flutey Marvin Gaye tenderness for love songs.’
    • ‘The silken singsong voice, the candelabrum, the welded dimples and fluty presence, the references to his sainted mother Frances, all made him a figure of fun - the Gorgeous George of mid-cult music.’
    • ‘Further back in the trees an unseen bull elk bugled the fluty fall mating cry that says nothing so much as ‘wild.’’
    • ‘They will keep out the growling, rasping or fluty snoring sounds from the ears of bedfellows and allow them to sleep peacefully.’
    • ‘This was very nice for a couple of miles in the company of curlews that glided across the heather rippling out their fluty songs and black millipedes that processed north across the track.’
    • ‘And I remember coming over to his house and hearing him do it in falsetto and thinking what a nice, flutey falsetto he has.’