Definition of flutter-tonguing in English:



mass noun
  • The action of vibrating the tongue (as if rolling an r) in playing a wind instrument to produce a whirring effect.

    • ‘The flute part's range and the necessity for the player to be able to produce a wide range of dynamics, colors and articulations, including flutter-tonguing, require an able flutist.’
    • ‘He excels at accents, impersonations, double-talk, vocal sound effects, mime, and extruded flutter-tonguing to make flutists envious.’
    • ‘Technical requirements for the flutist include rapid triple-tonguing, flutter-tonguing, ‘unpitched wind sound’ and tremolos, as well as stamina for the relentless staccato tonguing of the middle section.’
    • ‘The menacing flutter-tonguing in the clarinet, in particular, evoked the buzz of anger in the second song, ‘August Routine.’’