Definition of fluoroscopic in English:



  • See fluoroscope

    • ‘On the second hospital day, after the chest CT exam, this pulmonary abscess was drained under ultrasound and fluoroscopic guidance and a sump catheter was left in place.’
    • ‘The radiologist operating the in-room CT fluoroscopic control panel stood on the right near the foot of the CT table.’
    • ‘Under fluoroscopic, CT or ultrasound guidance, small needles can be placed in areas of abnormality, and samples can be taken for cytologic or pathologic testing.’
    • ‘He or she is available to open other supplies as requested during the procedure and operate fluoroscopic controls as requested by the radiologist.’
    • ‘The right pneumothorax was found to be loculated, and was drained by interventional radiology who placed two chest tubes into the locules under fluoroscopic guidance.’