Definition of fluorometrically in English:


(also fluorimetrically)


  • See fluorometer

    • ‘Thiobarbituric acid reactive substances were fluorometrically assayed in terms of malonyldialdehyde equivalent as described earlier using tetraethoxypropane for calibration.’
    • ‘Pepc was assayed fluorometrically in real time under suboptimum conditions of pH and limiting substrate in a 17 nl droplet.’
    • ‘For each of the 11 constructs, four to ten transgenic plants were generated, and GUS activity for each plant was determined fluorometrically using the MUG assay.’
    • ‘After ultracentrifugation, the free peptide concentration was determined fluorometrically.’
    • ‘The balance can be assessed fluorometrically as the redox state of plastoquinone pool and is referred to as excitation pressure.’