Definition of fluoresce in English:



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  • Shine or glow brightly due to fluorescence.

    ‘the molecules fluoresce when excited by ultraviolet radiation’
    • ‘The mineral does not fluoresce under ultraviolet radiation.’
    • ‘Protoplasts that fluoresced brightly and exhibited normal morphology were considered to be viable.’
    • ‘This method causes callose in the pollen grains and tubes to be stained and to fluoresce brightly under short-wave light.’
    • ‘The crystals fluoresce and phosphoresce a weak pale yellowish-green in ultraviolet radiation.’
    • ‘Existing imaging techniques use natural molecules that fluoresce, such as organic dyes and proteins that are found in jellyfish and fireflies.’
    • ‘In the second step, the lightning bolts produce invisible ultraviolet light that is absorbed by the wintergreen molecules, causing them to fluoresce, or glow.’
    • ‘Several bodily fluids fluoresce under laser or UV light; however, it is usually necessary to develop latent fingerprints using fluorescent powders or sprays to enhance the details of the print.’
    • ‘One molecule will be caused to fluoresce by the first laser and not the rest or maybe the second and not the first and third and so on.’
    • ‘This allows progeny to be genotyped as pupae, since the guts of pupae carrying a green balancer fluoresce brightly.’
    • ‘This false color image shows an ultracold plasma of 26,000 beryllium ions fluorescing when hit by a laser pulse.’
    • ‘Upon transfer to a hydrophobic medium, it fluoresces brightly in the visible range and exhibits a high degree of environmental sensitivity.’
    • ‘At cystoscopy, only limited tumor fluorescence was observed, but the resected specimens fluoresced brightly, indicating absorption of the short wavelength portion of the cystoscopic light source.’
    • ‘If the system works as scientists hope it will, plants will be genetically induced to fluoresce, or glow, green, when they detect minute quantities of anthrax or some lethal chemical agent in the air.’
    • ‘QDs luminesce rather than fluoresce; they are brighter and more stable than organic fluorphores; and they have narrower emission peaks.’
    • ‘The more RNA segments that attach to a gene, the more that gene will glow or fluoresce, which is called gene expression.’
    • ‘Use of a long-wave black light in a dark environment will cause urine to fluoresce (glow in the dark).’
    • ‘The dots also offer an intriguing physics question: Why do they fluoresce so brightly?’
    • ‘A transverse section of a leaf shows that the sclerenchyma bands are constituted of narrow fibres with thick walls that fluoresce brightly at 450 nm.’
    • ‘Material from some localities fluoresces reddish-yellow under ultraviolet radiation.’
    • ‘One method is to introduce a jellyfish gene into Salmonella to make the bacteria fluoresce, or glow, so they'll be easier to detect among other microorganisms on raw poultry.’
    shine, glimmer, glint, catch the light, glitter, shimmer, glow, sparkle, twinkle, flicker, blink, wink, glisten, flash, flare, beam
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Late 19th century: back-formation from fluorescence.