Definition of flummoxed in English:



  • Bewildered or perplexed.

    ‘he became flummoxed and speechless’
    • ‘I go to universities, and there are incredibly smart people who are totally flummoxed by the caption contest.’
    • ‘The nice young woman at the Pensions Service was a little flummoxed.’
    • ‘Bacharach seems a little flummoxed by his subject matter.’
    • ‘The local crew and interviewer alike are both flummoxed and impressed.’
    • ‘We had the usual conversation about life here, and he was just flummoxed by the place.’
    • ‘Flummoxed by an illusion of peace, the US lost its foreign policy bearings.’
    • ‘The man was flummoxed by all these incomprehensible goings-on.’
    • ‘The leading minds in baseball medicine are flummoxed by the labrum.’
    • ‘Research suggests that chronic panic sufferers may be easily flummoxed by their bodily sensations.’
    • ‘Most flummoxed of all about these obstacles is the president himself.’
    • ‘Things comes to a head when Eka decides to visit her son in Paris, bringing her flummoxed family with her.’
    • ‘Flummoxed by the question, she pressed him to explain.’
    • ‘Only fans of the series will know why, others will be flummoxed.’
    • ‘Outside of the airport, we were a bit flummoxed by the fact there appeared to be no taxis.’
    • ‘Anyone not knowing the story would have been completely flummoxed.’
    • ‘Even the Ministry of Information official who accompanied me was flummoxed.’
    • ‘Others too were flummoxed about what was happening.’
    • ‘Indeed, practitioners of musical apartheid would be utterly flummoxed by Nyro.’
    • ‘The generals in Jakarta seem to be flummoxed at the moment.’
    • ‘Buyers for their part have not been flummoxed.’