Definition of fluid mechanics in English:

fluid mechanics

plural noun

  • treated as singular The study of forces and flow within fluids.

    • ‘The omission may be in part a consequence of the historical relegation of some of these topics - for example, fluid mechanics - to engineering.’
    • ‘He worked on applied mathematics topics such as engineering, elasticity and fluid mechanics and, in addition, he made contributions to Fourier series and their application to physical problems.’
    • ‘At the same time, the woman - who already holds diplomas in mathematics, applied physics and fluid mechanics - was studying at a university in Compiegne, northeast of the French capital.’
    • ‘They started with a simple, 20-year-old model for meandering speed based on classical fluid mechanics, then worked out equations for the resulting evolution of the river shape.’
    • ‘This study is an attempt to determine whether standard concepts of fluid mechanics can yield a self-consistent model of this process.’
    • ‘How I would like to be in the field of planetary science, in which 80% of the publications appear in two journals, in contrast to the 250 journals in fluid mechanics!’
    • ‘Brodetsky's work was mainly on aerodynamics and fluid mechanics.’
    • ‘So we can only rely on first principle physics, good old Newtonian physics and fluid mechanics, and what we know to be true.’
    • ‘Studying granular flows is an area where solid and fluid mechanics come together.’
    • ‘But he earnestly hoped, too, that engineers might find a practical application for his novel geometries, perhaps in the complicated world of fluid mechanics.’
    • ‘And in that one volume, he put forward the foundations of modern differential geometry, the Riemann zeta function, an important problem in fluid mechanics.’
    • ‘Chris resided in California completing his graduate studies in fluid mechanics but he returned at Christmas of that year and began dating Sue.’
    • ‘Just imagine the difficulty you would have trying to do fluid mechanics without differential techniques.’
    • ‘He made contributions to numerous branches of mathematics, celestial mechanics, fluid mechanics, the special theory of relativity and the philosophy of science.’
    • ‘The force exerted by the fluid on the cell is known from fluid mechanics; however, determining the precise mechanical force experienced by the molecule requires complex analysis.’
    • ‘His work in Berlin covered many topics: astronomy, the stability of the solar system, mechanics, dynamics, fluid mechanics, probability, and the foundations of the calculus.’
    • ‘This approach, commonly attributed to Newton rather than to Euler or Cauchy, is chosen over its main competitor, the variational formulation of Lagrange, to be taught in a typical fluid mechanics course.’
    • ‘Von Mises worked on fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, aeronautics, statistics and probability theory.’
    • ‘To find further information about this, I would suggest any basic physics textbook, or, more in-depth, a textbook on fluid mechanics.’
    • ‘So what are the forces on the fluids we study in fluid mechanics?’