Definition of fluffiness in English:



  • See fluffy

    • ‘Because of the inherent fluffiness of the fluffy white bathrobe, you spend an inordinate amount of time snuggling down into it, like a kid in pyjamas waiting to be carried up to bed.’
    • ‘When I looked in the mirror, I was astonished at their size and fluffiness.’
    • ‘They are designed to alert us to any fluffiness or grey areas which need human decisions.’
    • ‘It is also unusual for Prokofiev to reflect on external events in his music - the fluffiness of the Classical Symphony, for example, came in 1917, the tumultuous year of the Russian Revolution.’
    • ‘I have written several times about the juiciness and flavour to be found in grilled Persian meats and the fluffiness of the Basmati rice served on the side.’