Definition of fluey in English:



  • Suffering from flu.

    ‘when I woke up I felt really fluey’
    • ‘Sorry if this doesn't make sense - I'm fluey and delerious.’
    • ‘I'm a bit fluey and blocked up this week but never the less glad to be here.’
    • ‘Tired, fluey and run-down, I wanted to venture out to a restaurant about as much as I wanted to sit through my children's three-hour cartoon video.’
    • ‘Elicia's had a fluey cough thing, and it means she's lost her voice.’
    • ‘When I woke I felt really fluey and very sick.’
    • ‘Trying very hard to get over this fluey whatever-it-is before I have to leave for Sundance.’
    • ‘I've got a really unpleasant fluey cold, but had to go to work today.’
    • ‘Though as I'm starting to feel a bit fluey, the urge to comfort snack will be strong.’
    • ‘Have been feeling slightly fluey for a few days so have not drunk coffee or alcohol and have brought large quantities of grapefruit juice with me.’