Definition of fluctuant in English:



technical, literary
  • Fluctuating; unstable.

    • ‘From where he lay on the end of the dock, the river was like fluctuant diamond-paned glass of two colors, olive green and steel blue, leaded together by wavering white stitches of sun.’
    • ‘What matters is their interpretability, the meanings they attract, their fluctuant interpretive magnetism.’
    unpredictable, changeable, variable, inconstant, inconsistent, uncertain, erratic, irregular, unstable, turbulent, unsteady, unsettled, unreliable, undependable, changing, ever-changing, varying, shifting, fluctuating, fluid, mutable, protean, fitful, wavering, full of ups and downs
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Mid 16th century: from Old French undulating, from Latin fluctuare undulate.