Definition of flowery in English:



  • 1Covered with flowers or having a floral design.

    ‘a flowery meadow’
    ‘flowery wallpaper’
    • ‘The walls were decorated with paintings and flowery designs.’
    • ‘All the walls had a flowery pattern for wallpaper.’
    • ‘My hall bathroom is covered in a festively flowery wallpaper.’
    • ‘Thoughts flitted across my mind like butterflies in a flowery meadow.’
    • ‘Threads formed flowery designs on the material, shaping leaves, mountains, and other natural landscape.’
    • ‘Wherever paint met tape, and therefore stuck to tape, both tape and paint now came away from the wall, exposing the flowery wallpaper underneath.’
    • ‘She stopped to stare at every little thing from the banister to the flowery wallpaper to the family photos ascending the stairs.’
    • ‘It had a large queen-size bed, beside the far wall by a window, covered with a beautiful, flowery quilt.’
    • ‘The walls were decorated with flowery wallpaper and an old photo of a man and his beautiful wife and two little girls.’
    • ‘Her room was entirely pink wallpaper and flowery things that made me cringe at the very sight of them.’
    • ‘Groves of golden aspen, flowery meadows, ponds, and outcrops of limestone break up the dominance of the regal coniferous forest.’
    • ‘Over centuries of such husbandry, Bashkirians and bees and pine forests and flowery meadows thrived.’
    • ‘A few minutes later I found myself crawling under the flowery, feminine covers with Ms. LaMonica, wishing for Jen to be there with me.’
    • ‘I tore down the flowery wallpaper and painted the walls white.’
    • ‘Her drawings suggest an idyllic world, where quaintly dressed children play amid flowery meadows and trim gardens.’
    • ‘It was gold with a flowery design carved into it.’
    • ‘The beds had cast iron bedsteads and flowery covers with frilly edges.’
    • ‘Carmen's head whipped around searching for a remnant of comfort before partially hiding beneath the safety of the flowery, pink bedspread.’
    • ‘The walls were light blue, and the top was bordered with wallpaper of some blue and green flowery sort.’
    • ‘It was covered in beautiful paintings of angels in large flowery meadows.’
    floral, flower-covered, flower-patterned
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    1. 1.1 Smelling of flowers.
      ‘her flowery perfume’
      • ‘So I breathed in deeply with my face still buried in the crick of her neck, and under the scent of alcohol was Theresa's flowery perfume smell.’
      • ‘He could smell her again, that sweet, flowery fragrance that he used to sink himself in just as he used to sink his fingers into her wealth of honey-brown hair.’
      • ‘His nose itched as he caught a whiff of her flowery perfume.’
      • ‘I recognize the flowery smell from when I kissed her at the ill-fated party.’
      • ‘With the smell of warm earth and fragrant fruit and flowery herbs, this is nothing if not enticing wine, glimmering red like some medieval jewel.’
      • ‘I could smell the flowery sent of her lotion as Krista wrapped her arms tightly around my neck.’
      • ‘A strand of her light brown hair brushed the hand he held at his chest, and he caught the faintest hint of a flowery perfume.’
      • ‘It smelled disgustingly of sickly sweet burning candles and flowery hand lotion.’
      • ‘The perfume was a little flowery for his taste, but it was strong and would do the job.’
      • ‘Nora's perfume, a flowery scent, is also often smelled, and music from a piano playing, sometimes with a woman singing, may also be attributed to this lady of the house.’
      • ‘As much as I could remember was that Heather's perfume was sweet and flowery, and wasn't the least bit like Jamie's.’
      • ‘Its flowery, strongly aromatic character makes it ideal for this purpose.’
      • ‘Suddenly, I smelled a light, flowery scent coming towards me.’
      • ‘Geoff smelled her flowery perfume as he led her around the floor during the dance.’
      • ‘Plus, before I packed them, I gave them a good dousing of Emeraude cologne so they'd smell extra flowery.’
      • ‘I found myself intoxicated by her scent, a flowery perfume.’
      • ‘Kehris leaned against him smelling the flowery scent he always carried with him.’
      • ‘Even the lightest, most flowery perfumes contain a trace of musk.’
      • ‘To add to his woes, the redhead's excessively flowery perfume was giving him an overwhelming urge to sneeze, right in her face.’
      • ‘She was at least a head shorter than he and he could look down on the top of her head, smell the light, flowery fragrance of her hair.’
    2. 1.2 (of speech or writing) full of elaborate or literary words and phrases.
      ‘flowery prose’
      • ‘As she watched Brandywin step forward to make yet another flowery speech, Alex tried to ignore the two women behind her.’
      • ‘Such writings could be in flowery language indeed, as in this excerpt from one spirit writing in my collection.’
      • ‘One year an English teacher would say my writing was too flowery, another year it was not expressive enough.’
      • ‘Mireeve was growing tired of the flowery speech.’
      • ‘Although it was slightly scratched it appeared to be the same flowery writing as Mrs. Hornbeam's.’
      • ‘Carrey savours every flowery speech and villainous smirk in a performance that is more disciplined than one might have imagined.’
      • ‘His approach allowed me to see that not all food writing has to be flowery prose.’
      • ‘You may be able to turn my mother and sister's heads with your flowery speeches but not mine.’
      • ‘Don't give me a flowery phrase for the sight of flames crackling against the dark night sky.’
      • ‘No doubt, he was going to end his speech with a flowery, cliché phrase like ‘children are the future.’’
      • ‘The writing is full of exposition and flowery, stilted language that may in fact be historically accurate but in large measure prevents the characters from coming to life.’
      • ‘Don't soil your writing with flowery language.’
      • ‘When you think of a Shakespearian play, most conjure up memories of high school productions, period costumes and long and flowery speeches in an outdated and hard to understand language.’
      • ‘Kabary, the flowery speeches given at all formal, ancestral occasions in the central highlands, are recognized as requiring great skill.’
      • ‘Her character has to contend with flowery, overwrought speeches full of melodrama that are meant to generate some degree of humor, but which tend to fall flat.’
      • ‘In one case on another railway, using the flowery writing of those years, a big bonus was to be paid ‘provided the sound of a steam engine whistle was heard in the town’ by a certain date.’
      • ‘Initially, there was a much longer post here, full of no doubt very embarrassing similes and attempts at flowery poetic language.’
      • ‘He would have ridden into the fort with every hair in place, given a long flowery speech, and went off somewhere without so much as wrinkling his robes.’
      • ‘I don't look at my leads as a chance to show off my flowery writing.’
      • ‘Actually I never really did panic very much - it was just a bit of flowery writing.’
      florid, flamboyant, high-flown, high-sounding, magniloquent, grandiloquent, ornate, fancy, baroque, orotund, rhetorical, oratorical, bombastic, laboured, strained, overwrought, elaborate, over-elaborate, overblown, overripe, overdone, convoluted, turgid, inflated
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