Definition of flowering rush in English:

flowering rush


  • A tall rushlike plant with long, narrow leaves and pinkish flowers, living in shallow slow-moving water and native to Eurasia.

    Butomus umbellatus, the only member of the family Butomaceae

    • ‘Marginal plants, such as cannas, flowering rush, Japanese iris, and papyrus, grow in boggy soil at pond's edge or very shallow water (underwater shelves give you a place to set these plants).’
    • ‘There are four glorious drawings by da Vinci, for instance, including his delicate red chalk study of a flowering rush, thought to be one of the studies towards the painting Leda and the Swan.’
    • ‘Rooted into this the plants, such as reeds, water lilies, flowering rushes, Cyperus longus and yellow flag irises, do their job of taking nitrates out of the water and reducing phosphates.’
    • ‘Once balance is restored, then well-protected shallow margins will be easier to colonise with wetland wildflowers such as flowering rush, yellow flag, marsh marigold and water forget-me-not.’
    • ‘The only plant we have been tempted to add to our pond is Butomus umbellatus, the flowering rush.’