Definition of flowering plant in English:

flowering plant


  • A plant that produces flowers; an angiosperm.

    • ‘It is well known that most flowering plants produce more ovules than the number of seeds they mature.’
    • ‘Ray's plant classification system was the first to divide flowering plants into monocots and dicots.’
    • ‘Those with spacious yards have large trees, like fruit tree, while others have flowering plants or potted plants.’
    • ‘The proportion of flowers and ovules that develop into fruits and seeds in flowering plants rarely reaches 1.’
    • ‘Orchids, flowering plants and fruit-bearing trees have been combined to green the area.’
    • ‘This, in turn was surrounded by several whorls of bracts that many homologize with petals and sepals in flowering plants.’
    • ‘The gardens are mainly in lawn with flowering plants, shrubs, trees and an enclosed rear yard.’
    • ‘Trees, shrubs, bushes and flowering plants were being planted on the graves.’
    • ‘A major change in terrestrial vegetation took place in the Cretaceous with the evolution of the angiosperms, or flowering plants.’
    • ‘The majority of flowering plants produce multicellular trichomes.’
    • ‘Combine flowering plants with interesting foliage textures and colors.’
    • ‘In maize, as in all flowering plants, the seed develops inside a coat of maternal origin.’
    • ‘There is a small front garden, planted with a variety of flowering plants and shrubs, that provides private parking.’
    • ‘Trees, shrubs, flowering plants were brought by a good number of people and the fund raiser was a good success.’
    • ‘Within the Antarctic Circle there are no trees, no flowering plants, no grasses.’
    • ‘The driveway is flanked by trees, flowering plants and shrubs as well as an expansive manicured lawn.’
    • ‘The pollen grain is the male gametophytic phase of flowering plants.’
    • ‘In flowering plants, pollen development represents a good model to study cell communication and signalling as well as cell elongation.’
    • ‘Many flowering plants bear trichomes, modified epidermal structures on their aerial surfaces.’
    • ‘The back garden is laid in lawn and includes mature pines, shrubs and flowering plants.’