Definition of flowering cherry in English:

flowering cherry


  • An ornamental tree grown for its spring blossom, the fruit not being considered edible.

    Genus Prunus, family Rosaceae: several species, in particular P. serrulata and its hybrids

    • ‘They planted a spring flowering cherry tree, two buddleia bushes and a laurel bush, along with daffodil bulbs.’
    • ‘These are gardens for all seasons with the rhododendron dell, the azaleas and flowering cherry trees in spring, and the rose gardens in summer.’
    • ‘Few trees can beat flowering cherries for their beauty, especially in early spring.’
    • ‘Even though Japanese principles and classic flowering trees and shrubs such as wisterias, magnolias and flowering cherries have been used, everything has been sourced locally.’
    • ‘Spring flowering trees such as flowering cherries, plums and apricots should not be pruned during winter, otherwise you will cut off many of the flowers.’