Definition of floweret in English:



  • A floret, especially of cauliflower or broccoli.

    • ‘With its chartreuse color and pineconeshaped flowerets, this is the most exotic-looking of the broccoli family.’
    • ‘Statues of the Virgin were often enriched with gold leaf, her dark face surrounded with flowerets and cascades of lace carved from ash and oak boles.’
    • ‘The poses seem to be modelled on a quick-motion camera observing the unfolding of flowerets.’
    • ‘I wander out onto the terrace, sniff green tea leaves as they brew, touch balls made of snowy flowerets, gaze at gold tickling the lake's skin, peaks clad in polar bear white.’
    • ‘She was dressed modestly but coquettishly in a pale purple silk gown with tiny flowerets in her flaxen hair.’
    bloom, blossom, floret
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