Definition of flower garden in English:

flower garden


  • A garden in which flowering plants are grown.

    ‘most homes have colourful flower gardens in front’
    • ‘My wife installed a plastic prefabricated pond in the middle of what started out to be a small flower garden.’
    • ‘Create a cutting garden much the same way you initially establish a flower garden.’
    • ‘Tips are offered with the intent of aiding you in the culmination of your annual flower garden.’
    • ‘A little girl ran down a cobblestone path in the middle of an immense flower garden.’
    • ‘Tomatoes, eggplant, even bush varieties of cukes can be tucked into a flower garden.’
    • ‘An adorable grey stone path led up to the door, surrounded by perfectly manicured flower gardens.’
    • ‘Here are several herbs I think might blend nicely with my existing flower garden.’
    • ‘I glanced towards the side of the driveway where a small flower garden was surrounded by pebbles.’
    • ‘There was a huge front lawn, with gorgeous flower gardens.’
    • ‘The economic meltdown would flatten the world's economies like flower gardens in a hurricane.’