Definition of flour mill in English:

flour mill


  • 1A building equipped with machinery for grinding grain into flour.

    ‘the flour mill is three levels high with two sets of mill stones’
    • ‘To accommodate their expanding pastille trade, the partners bought an old flour mill on North Street.’
    • ‘In 1902, the brothers opened their first flour mill.’
    • ‘Opened in 2002, it's an amazing contemporary art museum built in a former flour mill.’
    • ‘Cargoes of imported rice unload a couple of times a week, bound for the town's flour mill.’
    • ‘To reduce the prevalence of micronutrient deficiency disorders, 76 feeders have been delivered to wheat flour mills throughout the country.’
    • ‘A central feature of the gallery will be a scale working model of the flour mill which was demolished in 1957.’
    • ‘Plans are to build a center to market grain, including a flour mill in the city.’
    • ‘On October 18, the club visited a flour mill in Yorkshire.’
    • ‘Norwegian men in Minneapolis earned a livelihood in the large flour mills.’
    • ‘They promise the grain to the hungry only to divert it fraudulently to waiting flour mills or smugglers.’
    1. 1.1 A machine for grinding grain into flour.
      ‘the community has built a grain store and purchased a flour mill’
      • ‘Most of the artefacts are of pioneering in nature, such as handmade flour mills, oil presses, a 105-year-old thresher, a loom, etc.’
      • ‘He bought a scooter and hitched it to the flour mill, and voila, there was no need for electricity.’
      • ‘Various soybean-processing machines, such as a flour mill, an extruder/expeller, a screw press, and a thresher, have been adapted for use in sub-Saharan Africa.’
      • ‘With one litre of petrol, the flour mill can function for three hours, and on gas, it will run for four hours.’
      • ‘He harnesses bulls to a system of pulleys and transformers and creates enough energy to run computers, sprinkler systems, oil presses, flour mills, and battery chargers.’
      • ‘A few households also started using music systems and color TVs, while a flour mill was energized.’
      • ‘The family bought an old flour mill from a farm and the boys get paid 1p a turn to grind the flour.’
      • ‘A centrally organized baggage train consisted of one man for every ten soldiers to carry 'a flour mill and tent ropes'.’
      • ‘He began chugging the first steam engine in the new colony, which was used to drive a flour mill to grind, unsurprisingly, not gold or sushi but wheat and corn.’
      • ‘The society soon comprised a thousand share-holding members and expanded to buy looms, pigs, coal, and a flour mill.’