Definition of flour beetle in English:

flour beetle


  • A small brown darkling beetle that is a widespread pest of flour and other cereal products.

    Genera Tribolium, Gnathocerus, and others, family Tenebrionidae: several species

    • ‘This study examined the genetic basis of susceptibility to a tapeworm in the red flour beetle that serves as an intermediate host in its transmission.’
    • ‘In either case, damage to stored grain by the lesser grain borer, rice weevil, red flour beetle, and rusty grain beetle costs the U.S. wheat industry about $500 million annually.’
    • ‘IGRs aren't toxic to humans, and they can suppress populations of important stored-product insect pests, such as the red flour beetle and the confused flour beetle.’
    • ‘The larva of the flour beetle Tribolium castaneum exemplifies this level of evolutionary organization.’
    • ‘The red flour beetle is a major pest of stored grain and grain products and a popular model species for a variety of ecological, evolutionary, and developmental biology studies.’