Definition of flotation device in English:

flotation device


  • An object used to provide or maintain buoyancy in water.

    ‘all who remain missing are believed to be wearing flotation devices’
    • ‘We discovered a giant flotation device, fully inflated, crammed in the backseat.’
    • ‘Previously such boats were required only to carry flotation devices.’
    • ‘A team of candidate divers prepare to enter the water to raise a sunken vehicle using floatation devices.’
    • ‘Everyone on board must wear a personal floatation device.’
    • ‘Wearing a personal flotation device can save your life.’
    • ‘At the top of every Coast Guard minimum safety equipment list are personal flotation devices.’
    • ‘They're swimming in the deep end without any floatation devices.’
    • ‘With a leash, the user will not become separated from the flotation device.’
    • ‘The canoer was not wearing a personal flotation device at the time.’
    • ‘According to police, personal floatation devices were not being used.’