Definition of Florida room in English:

Florida room


North American
  • A room built at the back of a house and partly or wholly glazed, typically with a brick or tile floor and a drinks bar.

    • ‘We might sit at the kitchen table or in the Florida room, glass louevers open, eating fried catfish and listening to the radio.’
    • ‘The Florida room, or sunporch, would be a playroom for 2 and a half-year-old Elijah, the son they eventually adopted, so they wanted it to look fun and bright.’
    • ‘Chairs were dragged from the Florida room to the patio.’
    • ‘She grabbed the guitar from its resting place and went downstairs to the Florida room.’
    • ‘So there I was, sitting in our Florida room, gathering my thoughts and wiping up a small puddle when I notice the spots on the wall below the windows.’
    • ‘Down the street, one man was cleaning out a soggy Florida room on Monday after the wind ripped off part of his roof.’