Definition of flopper in English:



  • A player who deliberately falls or stumbles in order to give the appearance of having been fouled by an opponent.

    ‘because no one wants to reward a flopper, many referees are hesitant to call fouls’
    • ‘Floppers should have to sit out a game with a dunce hat on.’
    • ‘He kicked a chair after picking up a second first-half foul and he has been dogged as a flopper and a complainer.’
    • ‘Although the fines are not particularly onerous, the shame of being publicly labelled a flopper might be an effective deterrent.’
    • ‘Anyone worth their defensive salt wants nothing to do with being identified as a flopper.’
    • ‘Let the refs call out the floppers right then during the game which would embarrass and expose them.’
    • ‘The NBA will penalize floppers this season, fining players for repeated violations of an act a league official said has "no place in our game."’
    • ‘So while not a flopper himself, he understands the value that exaggerating contact can provide to a team.’
    • ‘I agree, he is not only a jerk; he's the biggest whiner and flopper in the league.’
    • ‘Fact is your team is a bunch of whiners, floppers and excuse-makers.’
    • ‘He got fined 5k for admitting to being a serial flopper.’