Definition of flophouse in English:



  • A dosshouse:

    ‘they are living in a flophouse and discovering that the streets are not paved with gold’
    • ‘Today, only a handful of flophouses, virtually unchanged for half a century, are all that remain of this once teeming world.’
    • ‘A walk along the Rue des Martyrs is scented with the souk-sweat of cumin and open sacks of cardamom pods bubble on the pavement between the sex shops and flophouses.’
    • ‘The old flophouses were stinking lice-ridden hellholes with naught but chicken wire and cardboard to segregate the occupants; demolishing these places was seen as a great civic good.’
    • ‘A futuristic fairy tale about the misfit freaks who inhabit a bohemian flophouse in downtown Los Angeles, the story was written by U2 singer Bono and features several burnt-out rock stars.’
    • ‘By decade's end, what had been a haphazard collection of Bowery flophouses ballooned to a geographically dispersed network of some 20 facilities lodging 5,000 men nightly.’
    • ‘By 18, Fellig was living alone among the flophouses of the Bowery and worked a succession of jobs - as a labourer and taking passport photographs - until 1924, when he found employment in the darkrooms of Acme Newspictures.’
    • ‘It was to be a tale of petty cons and flophouses, and, surely, much, much more, but Chaplin was never allowed to finish it.’
    • ‘A hopeless alcoholic living in a flophouse on the seamy side of town, he was a promising boxer chewed up and spit out by the corrupt amateur circuit.’
    • ‘Grimy back alley flophouses, squalid arcades lined with girlie nickelodeons and a neon-lined skid row lend the picture an air of authenticity.’
    • ‘I was planning a trip across the border into Mexico, and Jesus was telling me about the illegals who sometimes gathered in Nogales to cross into the US, and the name of the flophouse where they often stayed.’
    • ‘He didn't like it one bit and claimed it made him sick to run a flophouse.’
    • ‘He apparently rebelled again and was soon back on the streets, where he spent many a night in old tenement buildings and flophouses.’
    • ‘It is a flophouse for deluded officers who believe in the ability to defeat the resistance.’
    • ‘Japan does not count the thousands of people in shelters and flophouses in such data.’
    • ‘Turmoil erupts in the flophouse when Osugi's husband discovers his wife's affair, and she tries to convince the thief to murder him in order to solve all their problems.’
    • ‘A Korean War veteran with an alcohol addiction that got the better of us all, he spent the last years of his life living in flophouses and on the street, passing his days riding the same city bus line he himself used to drive.’
    • ‘Are they flophouses for shiftless young people?’
    • ‘He studied the Bowery and flophouses in New York City for inspiration in his writing.’
    • ‘By 1937, Fortune magazine was stigmatizing them as ‘crowded rookeries of itinerant flophouses.’’
    • ‘A few months later I found out that my mother had been killed by Red Rocks during a contraband raid of the flophouse she had been calling her office.’