Definition of floor polisher in English:

floor polisher


  • An appliance for polishing floors.

    ‘heavy equipment such as vacuum cleaners or floor polishers’
    • ‘A mainly younger generation of Brazilians came to know his music and his innovative performances that sometimes incorporated grinders and floor polishers as instruments!’
    • ‘Electric floor polishers can be rented at many supermarkets.’
    • ‘He had fallen out with his boss over commission on floor polishers he was selling to Scottish schools and hospitals.’
    • ‘There was an old floor polisher held together with sticking plaster.’
    • ‘This model is a gear-driven, high-speed floor polisher.’
    • ‘I seem to recall seeing a fuel-powered floor polisher being used in a supermarket.’
    • ‘Carpet cleaners, floor polishers, and power washers are all available for hire or purchase.’
    • ‘A smoother finish will result if the final sanding is done with the floor polisher.’
    • ‘Despite these historical events, we were more fascinated with the new ride-on lawnmower used to cut the school lawn, and the new electric floor polisher.’
    • ‘It will also help to use a floor polisher or disk sander rather than the drum sander.’