Definition of floor exercise in English:

floor exercise


usually floor exercises
  • A routine of gymnastic exercises performed without the use of apparatus.

    • ‘Guard Young set the tone for the USA, opening the night's competition on the floor exercise and nailing his routine with a 9.7.’
    • ‘In training two days later, her Achilles tore on the take-off for an Arabian double front on floor exercise.’
    • ‘They certainly don't add a shred of artistry to a floor exercise.’
    • ‘Tankushev said Nikolina has added more difficulty to her floor exercise routine.’
    • ‘However, Romania roared back after strong performances on the balance beam and floor exercise.’
    • ‘Romania's Catalina Ponor, the top balance beam and floor exercise finalist, scored a 9.750 in the final floor exercise routine to win Olympic gold on her 17th birthday.’
    • ‘I had hoped to be able to train in power tumbling, because the tumbling surface is not as hard on the ankles as beam and floor exercise.’
    • ‘She tied for fourth place all-around and won only one individual event medal - the bronze medal on floor exercise.’
    • ‘She also placed seventh on floor exercise and eighth on vault.’
    • ‘At the World Cup finals last December, she placed second on uneven bars, fifth on balance beam and sixth on floor exercise.’
    • ‘She also placed first in the all-around and on vault, second on balance beam and floor exercise, and fourth on uneven bars.’
    • ‘At a pre-Olympic training camp in Minsk, however, she broke her neck during a tumbling pass on floor exercise.’
    • ‘In gymnastics, the floor exercise was her favorite discipline.’
    • ‘Since then, he has been regularly performing floor exercise, pommel horse, parallel bars, horizontal bar and roman rings at competitive levels.’
    • ‘Men's floor exercise, high bar, parallel bars, and women's vault and balance beam will be contested tomorrow.’
    • ‘On floor exercise, Chusovitina performed a full-out one night and a double layout another night.’
    • ‘Dressage is a mixture of extreme gymnastics and ballet - a bit like the floor exercise in Olympic gymnastics.’
    • ‘On floor exercise one gymnast tumbled a double layout, two whips to double pike, and stuck full-in dismount.’
    • ‘But he tumbled several high double layouts on floor exercise, and caught both a Kolman and layout Kovacs on high bar.’
    • ‘That year she placed fifth all-around, first on floor exercise, second on balance beam and third on vault.’