Definition of floor area in English:

floor area


  • The extent or measurement of the floor in a room or building.

    ‘a large bungalow with a floor area of 1250 square feet’
    • ‘Also included in the sale are a number of outhouses with a combined floor area of 232 square metres.’
    • ‘The cottage has a floor area of just over 53 square metres.’
    • ‘Apply a minimum of 4 ounces of bait per 1,000 square feet of floor area.’
    • ‘Steps from the kitchen lead down to two spacious rooms which represent the original floor area of the schoolhouse.’
    • ‘The building extends to a net internal floor area of around 473 square metres.’
    • ‘The compactness of the form minimizes heat loss despite the large amount of glazing, approximately 40 per cent of floor area.’
    • ‘The Aspen is a four- or five-bedroom dormer-style house with a floor area of 176.5 square metres.’
    • ‘They approved a proposal two years ago requiring any developer of the prime waterfront site to set aside a quarter of the floor area for public housing.’
    • ‘Comfortable chicks are usually distributed evenly throughout the floor area of the brooding unit.’
    • ‘The floors areas are somewhat smaller near the top, giving the structure a gently tapering appearance on the skyline.’