Definition of floodplain in English:



  • An area of low-lying ground adjacent to a river, formed mainly of river sediments and subject to flooding.

    • ‘Far below the existing fortified circuit of walls, there is another line of mud brick walls and watchtowers that separate the city from the wide flood plain of the Poshtrud River.’
    • ‘By following the contour lines on an Ordnance Survey map it is clear that the vast majority of the land area is above the flood plain.’
    • ‘If you build flood banks at the edge of the river, that tends to cut the river off from its flood plain.’
    • ‘But some opposition councillors have expressed concern the land may be part of the flood plain of the River Brain, which runs along the rear of Spring Lodge.’
    • ‘The footprints are from 175 million years ago - about ten million years more recently than Ike's fossil, by which time the Jurassic seas over Yorkshire had given way to a low-lying flood plain.’
    • ‘The area had been a flood plain, so the soil is naturally fertile.’
    • ‘This is Marshgate Lane, a 100% non-residential slice of East London, one solitary road cutting across the flood plain of the River Lea.’
    • ‘Lastly the Holocene (10,000 years to present) deposits that occur under Belfast were mainly deposited on the flood plain of the River Lagan.’
    • ‘The objectors say the problem is that Iburndale Beck runs alongside the land and the area is a low-lying flood plain.’
    • ‘The only thing that now stands in the way of the development is an assessment by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency of the risks of constructing this large public building on the flood plain of a river.’
    • ‘This area is a flood plain but the blocked drainage channels are taking a long time to clear.’
    • ‘The adjacent flood plain was left high and dry, depriving the inhabitants of the catfish and other marshland staples of their diet.’
    • ‘The bypass will also cut across the flood plain of the river, effectively forming a dam to natural drainage.’
    • ‘One of the conditions of the sale was that this area should remain a flood plain, or washland as it is sometimes called.’
    • ‘A single-lane carriageway will be carried over the River Nadder and its flood plain on a viaduct.’
    • ‘Bearing in mind that much of the Vale of York is on a flood plain, the area is susceptible to high levels of flooding.’
    • ‘The Tigers' home, known simply as the Wy Yung footy ground, is on a picturesque flood plain between the Mitchell River and Clifton Creek, which flows into the river a little downstream.’
    • ‘I am in possession of the Environment Agency's map indicating the extent of the flood plain in this area.’
    • ‘The most central region culturally and economically is the lowland flood plain of the Mekong River and Tonle Sap Lake.’
    • ‘To the north is the main wine-growing region, the flood plain of the Wairau River.’