Definition of floodlight in English:



  • 1A large, powerful light, typically one of several used to illuminate a sports ground, a stage, or the exterior of a building.

    • ‘They will be able to relax in the plaza during the day and at night when the city's ancient walls will be lit by floodlights.’
    • ‘The event was originally scheduled for last weekend and was to have been staged under floodlights on North Beach.’
    • ‘The rest of the venue will be lit with powerful floodlights.’
    • ‘There were headlights, floodlights, tail lights and spot lights.’
    • ‘Four powerful floodlights may look quite pretty dancing in the distance 200 yards away but alas they're virtually invisible directly above your head.’
    • ‘It's never allowed to touch the ground, and you're not allowed to fly it at night unless it be lit by floodlights.’
    • ‘The back of her cloak was a shiny satin-like black with deep red highlights, like a brochure photo of a black Mercedes lit with red floodlights.’
    • ‘At night they worked under the glare of powerful floodlights and members of the ship's company helped.’
    • ‘When I inquired about her night lighting, she said that her neighbors had floodlights flashing throughout the night for security purposes.’
    • ‘With the light fading the floodlights were switched on to allow the match to continue to full-time.’
    • ‘The glowing stage lights, bright television studio lights and cinema floodlights have all taken turns to illuminate his path as an actor.’
    • ‘The skies darkened ominously and the light sensitive floodlights in the Hollow switched on to combat the 1.00 p.m. early darkness.’
    • ‘These employees, like the rest of the on-shore mining personnel, worked long shifts, the dredges being lit up at night with high wattage floodlights.’
    • ‘There are lead-in lights from the river approach, landing floodlights, a marker beacon and a lighted windsock.’
    • ‘She said the lights, which include floodlights and adverts on the door, were installed a year ago without permission and replaced a single lantern.’
    • ‘Suddenly, his eyes snapped open, revealing a light like floodlights on full blaze.’
    • ‘So the MoD gave special permission for a concrete area at the back of Roman Barracks to be lit up with floodlights and used as an emergency landing strip.’
    • ‘There, on the ground beneath him, was the light from the floodlights.’
    • ‘At the beginning of next year, the clock tower - which stands outside the station - is to be repaired and will be lit by floodlights.’
    • ‘Another concern was light pollution as additional floodlights will be built.’
    lamp, torch, flashlight
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    1. 1.1mass noun The illumination provided by a floodlight.
      ‘a tennis court where you can play by floodlight’
      • ‘She said the work to repair the damage to the stopcock went on under floodlight until after midnight.’
      • ‘The matches will be played in floodlight over the weekends so that the corporates can relax and enjoy the game.’
      • ‘Instead of the eternally fuelled floodlight they'd once been, this light was like the tip of a flame, a prick of daylight in the darkness of ones soul.’
      • ‘It seems no time since we were cursing the never-ending long, dark, cold winter evenings spent working in the garden either by floodlight or, if it was wet, in the shed building cold frames.’


[with object]usually as adjective floodlit
  • Illuminate (a building or outdoor area) with floodlights.

    ‘floodlit football pitches’
    • ‘At the east end of the playing fields there would be a £500,000 floodlit all-weather football and hockey pitch.’
    • ‘The mountains are floodlit, and the streets are lined with travellers and locals alike, who enjoy the outdoor cafes and night markets.’
    • ‘The project includes an extension to the fitness room, a new floodlit multi-use games area and an extended car park.’
    • ‘Bow Church is already floodlit and hosts the occasional arty show.’
    • ‘At night much of this central area is floodlit, giving an impression, reinforced by the many pavement cafes, of central Paris.’
    • ‘The track surrounding the football pitch is fully floodlit and measures 0.3 of a mile.’
    • ‘The 184-foot floodlit work of art will be built next to the City of Manchester Stadium as a celebration of the Commonwealth Games.’
    • ‘A new sixth form block is due to be completed ready for next term and work on a new sports hall and floodlit artificial pitch backed by National Lottery funding is due to begin shortly.’
    • ‘One thing still amazes me: at the end of the day the site was floodlit, and the crews were on the job.’
    • ‘One of the top buildings to be floodlit will be the 800-year-old Norman castle, perched high on the cliffs between the two bays.’
    • ‘The Cessna light plane eventually landed safely on a concrete, floodlit area at Roman Barracks as fire engines and paramedics stood by in case it burst into flames.’
    • ‘At night, the field was floodlit and groups of men and women played soccer and softball there.’
    • ‘The all-weather, floodlit synthetic pitch will be available by October and in use all year round by everyone in the community.’
    • ‘An application for planning consent has just been made to replace the semi-obsolete lighting with new-style floodlighting towers down each side of the pitch.’
    • ‘The car park is floodlit, so therefore, the possibility is there for skating 24 / 7.’
    • ‘A café and crèche are also included, along with four floodlit all-weather outdoor playing fields.’
    • ‘He added that Wilton was lucky that Old St Mary's Church was now floodlit at night, thanks to the town's Rotary Club.’
    • ‘We don't want floodlit football pitches, we want decent housing and back alleys and a larger community centre.’
    • ‘The money was initially set aside for Moorhead High to build six floodlit all-weather areas with changing rooms and an athletics track.’
    • ‘Residents are celebrating the completion of a new £52,000 floodlit venue for community events.’
    make lighter, make brighter, brighten, light up, illuminate, cast light on, shed light on, throw light on, shine on, irradiate, flood with light
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