Definition of flood damage in English:

flood damage


mass noun
  • Physical harm caused by the effects of the overflow of a large amount of water beyond its normal limits.

    ‘the money will go towards repairing flood damage to the A174 road to Sandsend’
    • ‘He says he has tracked down a "route to justice" for local residents denied compensation for flood damage.’
    • ‘There are calls for the government to help insurance companies cover flood damage.’
    • ‘Authorities said the flooding affected an estimated 60,000 Austrians, who were either evacuated from their homes or suffered flood damage.’
    • ‘The floodgates to the new library complex were used for the first time last week, to protect the street from flood damage.’
    • ‘Residents were bracing themselves for further flood damage.’
    • ‘They have no insurance cover for flood damage.’
    • ‘The capital was left with severe flood damage, despite artificial flood defences.’
    • ‘Assistance should be given only to persons who genuinely suffered flood damage.’
    • ‘At the shopping complex, six shop units suffered flood damage to their floor coverings.’
    • ‘The report offered ways in which the additional costs of flood damage could be reduced.’