Definition of flogger in English:



  • 1A person who whips or flogs another.

    • ‘While I am the original flogger of dead horses, some anguish just ain't worth it.’
    • ‘Like the sadistic Victorian flogger telling his victim that ‘this hurts me more than it hurts you’, Moll is - if we follow this line of explanation - a double-dyed hypocrite.’
    • ‘As U-turns go, it makes the recent conversion of that MP from hanger and flogger to the acceptable face of breakfast TV seem inconsequential.’
    • ‘He was headmaster of Oundle School between 1718 and 1722, where he acquired the reputation of a keen flogger.’
    • ‘She distances herself from "hangers and floggers" and, remarkably, says that she wants her husband's killer to lead a "fulfilled" life.’
    • ‘The usual hangers and floggers on the right will no doubt take the view that our first priority must always be the victim.’
  • 2British informal A person who sells something.

    • ‘"A new age in digital security and online identity verification" say the makers/floggers of this little device.’
    • ‘Assorted whistle sellers, hot-dog vendors and T-shirt floggers stalked the crowd.’
    • ‘The floggers of this e-book claim "The shocking truth is that it's not really about talent, which opens the door for almost anyone to get selected with the right preparation and know how!"’
    • ‘Most people who visit Fun Town expect to be able to sit quietly at an outside beer boozer and be pestered around 800 times an hour by the forlorn multitude of watch sellers, shoe shiners, cigarette floggers, carpet baggers, flower peddlers, photo snappers and others too numerous to mention.’
    • ‘But the certified financial planners were more like 'certified floggers of products'.’
    • ‘There's page after page of advertisements in our Sunday papers for property floggers and it's all Brisbane and the Gold Coast.’
  • 3A brush used in interior decorating to give a marbled or woodgrain effect.

    • ‘Hold a flogging brush at 90 degrees to the surface and firmly push the bristles into the wet wash.’
    • ‘I then brushed on dark-blue oil glaze, and dragged a flogging brush through it to expose the underlying paint.’