Definition of flocculent in English:



  • 1Having or resembling tufts of wool.

    ‘the first snows of winter lay thick and flocculent’
    • ‘Angie would never forget flocculent brown hair that was easily messed up when the wind blew through it.’
    • ‘Personally, I find his style too flocculent for words.’
    • ‘She addressed only me in a silky and flocculent voice, biting her lip teasingly after her words.’
    • ‘Other galaxies have more chaotic, patchy arms that look like fleece on a sheep; these are called flocculent galaxies.’
    • ‘The Englishman held a lofty finger in the air, and his flocculent hair blew upright in the sea breeze, giving him the look of an unfashionable popinjay.’
    fleecy, woolly, fuzzy, shaggy, hairy, feathery, downy, furry, velvety, cushiony
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    1. 1.1 Having a loosely clumped texture.
      ‘a brown flocculent precipitate’
      • ‘As expected, this group included heme-deficient mutants and flocculent isolates, which were disregarded.’
      • ‘The littoral sediments of the experimental lakes are primarily flocculent organic material including abundant epipelon.’
      • ‘The spectacle of the female medium in pain - a body often tied down, exposed in various stages of undress, or both - threatens to overshadow the curious display of flocculent ectoplasmic oozings and their iconographic content.’
      • ‘Electron microscopy showed membrane-bound vacuoles that contained reticulogranular and flocculent material, dense bodies, lamellar inclusions, and lipofuscin.’
      • ‘Consider the flocculent muscle of the cumulus.’
      • ‘After cooling, the flocculent precipitate was removed by centrifugation at 4 [degrees] C, 1,000 g for 10 min.’
      • ‘Additionally, samples from the flocculent layer and from a semipurified bacterial mat were incubated under controlled oxygen conditions to determine production.’
      • ‘During 1957, an orange flocculent precipitate containing metal sulphides appeared in the spring pool and became incorporated in the marginal sinter.’
      • ‘When the assay was performed manually, a fine white flocculent precipitate, but no change in color, was noted after both R1 and R2 reagents were added to serum for both the first and second patients.’
      • ‘Moreover, in flocculent strains it is difficult to distinguish between two adherent cells and a cell with a large bud.’
      • ‘Note the accumulation of flocculent material and vesicles between the cytoplasm and cell wall and also the osmiophilic margin of the viscid secretion.’
      • ‘The downstream section was 50 to 60 m wide, straight, and substratum consisted of flocculent mud, 20 to 100 cm deep.’
      • ‘Secretory cells either contain many small vacuoles or a single larger vacuole with flocculent contents and numerous vesicles.’
      • ‘High l inear rates of sediment accumulation, and preservation of distinct sediment horizons in the flocculent surface muds, argue against significant influence of bioturbation on record resolution.’
      • ‘The clear cells were larger than the oncocytic cells and had abundant clear cytoplasm that was not water clear but exhibited lightly eosinophilic flocculent or reticulated strands.’
      • ‘But first, the poor thing must endure violent convulsions: ‘In great heaving waves the old hero would vomit basinfuls of gruelly white flocculent matter, the color of soap in hard water.’’
      fleecy, shaggy, hairy, fluffy
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Early 19th century: from Latin floccus ‘tuft of wool’ + -ulent.