Definition of floating holiday in English:

floating holiday


  • 1A public holiday that does not fall on the same calendar date each year, such as the US Thanksgiving, which always falls on the fourth Thursday of November.

    • ‘Even in Canada, Thanksgiving is a floating holiday.’
    • ‘Someone mentioned earlier in the thread that Thanksgiving is a "floating" holiday (ie, not held on the same date each year).’
    • ‘However, while seasonal adjustment is very common and necessary, it doesn't always work for data like retail sales, which can be significantly affected by floating holidays like Easter.’
    • ‘Columbus Day is a floating holiday, it is always on Monday.’
  • 2A paid day off from work, given as a substitute for a public holiday and typically taken on a day chosen by the employee.

    • ‘Workers also received a floating holiday meant to answer the demands by various immigrant groups in the union for time off for days celebrating important cultural events.’
    • ‘At the Manhattan headquarters, Dr. King's birthday is a "floating holiday," one of several workers can choose to take off during the year.’
    • ‘In January, a resolution allowing county employees to use the day as a floating holiday failed by one vote.’
    • ‘"Some employers are also offering their senior executives flexible work options in compressed work-weeks, in telecommuting, in floating holidays and in job-sharing and part-time work."’
    • ‘Workers in 11 North Carolina counties walked out on strike over low wages and management's attempt to cut sick days, emergency medical leave, and a floating holiday, and implement forced overtime.’
    • ‘Look folks, we don't get another day off from work until Labor Day, and my boss won't let me use Neptunalia or Tisha B'av as a floating holiday.’
    • ‘Employees can choose two floating holidays from among several, including the King holiday, Passover, Good Friday and Columbus Day.’
    • ‘I will, however, be able to take a floating holiday sometime between now and August 1 in lieu of MLK Day, which is nice.’