Definition of flirtatiousness in English:



  • See flirtatious

    • ‘Gerald's moral as well as more conventional education is put in the hands of three very different young men, two of whom are more distracted by Margot's flirtatiousness than by Gerald's zoological enthusiasm.’
    • ‘I whacked his arm at his playful flirtatiousness, actually starting to consider that maybe Connor had not been winding me up earlier.’
    • ‘Her eyes became a tumult of lascivious flirtatiousness and her lips went all rude.’
    • ‘The instructions are proposals, invitations - but there's undoubtedly an element of flirtatiousness and temptation in what I propose - people have to make their choices about what they'll do and what they won't do.’
    • ‘For one thing, there was not an ounce of flirtatiousness in his tone whatsoever.’